Jan 07

Strap in readers, as we carousel into the new year with a mildly irresponsible and Disaronno-fuelled special episode of Regular Features. Can we perform our features before Old Lazy Booze kisses us goodnight? Let’s find out. FEATURES: Steve is interrupted by a very fussy guest. Gav tries to pawn a dirty goblin’s ring. And Log ... Read more

Jan 14

Hey now, what’s that sound, everybody look, it’s a new episode of the podcast. What happens in this one? I’m so glad you asked. Steve composes his very own Cyberpunk 2077 mission. Joe escapes into the fantastic world of the Lemon Pibwobs. And Log hires a mediator to address recent bullying concerns on the podcast. ... Read more

Jan 21

Elegance. Charm. Big moustache. Poise. Intellect. Their very own pizza oven. Grace. Wit. These are the qualities we look for in an Italian chef, and we will settle for nothing less. What? Oh, we also did a podcast. Mamma mia. Steve delivers what he promises to be his very last feature about teeth. Log codes ... Read more

Jan 29

Rare meat raves. Pick and mix mince raffles. Room temperature offal sermons. Pig gristle quinceañeras. They all have one thing in common: they are ground zero for the aching bone rot known only as gout. Log’s got it, and he’s here to send us on a special quest to track down and gargle his favourite ... Read more

Feb 07

Tuck in your elbows, lock eyes with the person you love the most, and then hurl yourself out of the nearest window, because it’s time for another episode of the Regular Features podcast. In this one. Log gets a visit from his good friend Eartha Kitt. Steve takes you on a saucy Loyd Grossman adventure. ... Read more

Feb 12

A rolling stone gathers no moss, but you know what it does gather? A lot of freaking attention that’s what. And the last thing we want is the police snooping around here. In this episode, Log focuses his powerful forgiveness beams onto the back of your hand until you yelp in pain. Steve uncovers the ... Read more

Feb 21

I’m writing this in the bath, so I’ll be brief. In this episode, Steve reports on how the newest Martian rover narrowly avoided wasp-induced catastrophe. Joe reveals he is Sia’s honest-to-goodness cousin and demands access to his rightful family fortune. And Log has gone koo-koo bananas for the latest Yakuza game for the games computer. ... Read more

Feb 28

What is the Gorbo Vibe? If you have to ask, it’s not for you. And if you don’t have to ask, well you come across as aloof and so it’s also not for you, sorry. I don’t make the rules. In this ep (short for episode), Gavin starts running but runs straight into a problem ... Read more

Mar 07

Look, it’s late on a Sunday so let’s cut to the chase. In this one, Joe tells a blood-curdling foot story to curry favour with the producers of any horror podcast who’ll have him. Log discovers a gassy missus in the filthy missives of James Joyce, who is also his dad now by the way. ... Read more

Mar 16

I once said boo to a goose and it laid an egg, and inside the egg was a piece of paper, and on the paper there was a joke. “Q: What do you get if you cross a camel with a goose? A: Goose bumps.” Naturally I was furious for having had my time wasted ... Read more

Mar 23

ello, it’s me, the podcast, with another episode of myself. In this one, Steve gets rich off of blockchain dunks. Joe embarks on a lucrative Tik Tok career. And Log eats so many oak-temperature conkers that he gets a thank you letter from the Queen. Album art

Mar 29

Sure, you’ve all heard about how that big boat got wedged. Yawn! But have you also heard that Gav was mildly traumatised by an intractable camera man? No, because the “news” don’t want you to know about it. In this week’s tell all episode, Gav reveals how an impudent videographer shook him to his core, ... Read more

Apr 01

In this very special episode of Regular Features, we tackle the real issues facing our societies todays, what are named of: kayak mishaps, duck tits, Channel 4 anchors, a jungle disease (red flower), some guys who live in a bed even way after they’re dead, and what to do about a Tim Allen. Excuse me, ... Read more

Apr 10

We interrupt your regularly scheduled features to bring you this very special report about a prince. The music “Raving Energy” which appears in the nightclub scene where we’re all dancing and having fun when we find out Prince Philip is dead is by artist Kevin MacLeod. Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/5029-raving-energyLicense: https://filmmusic.io/standard-license Album art

Apr 23

Houston, we have a problem. The problem is that three guys came in and made some yuk-yuks in mission control and now we got a whole ‘sploded Cape Canaveral. What were the yuk-yuks? Well, a guy called Gav told us about how a popular podcasting service stole his data and tried to make a quick ... Read more

May 03

We’ve been sitting on the fence way too long. It’s about time we took Ellen Degeneres down a peg or five. And as a feature appetiser: Steve got Mrs Doubtfired by an orthodonist. Joe is here too, to keep everyone in line. Album art

May 07

Hello and welcome to the description of the podcast. If you’ll take a look to your left, you’ll see that Log’s erected a top 10 of people in his pub – he says it’s not a feature but it’s got a backing track and everything. To your right, you’ll notice that Joe has sold his ... Read more

May 16

Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Now imagine it’s a speedboat, and you’ve broken every maritime law there is, and you’re on the run from the boat police. Now stop, calm down. None of this is happening, and you’re listening to Regular Features actually. Log has written ... Read more

May 29

Pfft, schedules are for idiots. We’ve switched to releasing new episodes at random intervals, so you never know when you’re gonna get slapped around the ears with our demanding, wet voices. (Sorry, things have been especially intense these past two weeks, please bear with us while we arrange our disorderly ducks). In this one, Joe ... Read more

Jun 07

I’m on a secret pirate island now, sorry!! Sorry everyone. In this one, Steve gets his coronavirus vaccination. Joe, desperate to keep up with Steve’s trailblazing lifestyle, gets HIS vaccination too. Then Log launches a Regular Features podcast network, just to keep you on your toes. Album art

Jun 11

Want to feel old? Put your dad’s big shoes on and walk around the house saying “where did I put my mortgage in this, the year 1978”. Then listen to Gav discuss the finer points of classic survival-comedy Castaway, which was released in 2000 and challenged a pre-9/11 America to wonder what it would be ... Read more

Jun 27

In this hot little potato wedge of an episode, Joe remembers what it was like back before politics and games journalists ruined E3 and it was all about good, old fashioned eggs. Matt remembers what it was like when it when a hundred million Pikmin were crushed underneath a Ronaldo. And Steve, in an audacious ... Read more

Jul 04

It’s here. The blimp episode! Album art

Jul 10

Have you ever wondered how we learned how to do all of our incredible comedy accents? Well in this episode, we’ll teach you how! Log is offering every reader a free taster of our five day accent school, which will turn YOU from a “croikey doikey wadda crocodile mister” into a “hey I slappa da ... Read more

Jul 23

Here at Regular Features, we like to push boundaries. That’s why we’re the first podcast to ever discuss BDSM without giggling or being sick into the microphone. In this episode, Log talks about hardcore leather strap velcro kink sex, then Joe, apparently unaware of the theme, discusses tuna. Steve, god bless him, is just sort ... Read more

Aug 01

Did you know Kenny Rogers came up with the line “you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em” while he was doing his laundry, it’s true ask anyone. Anyway! In this episode, Log gets imprisoned in his home by an NHS, Steve challenges the boys to a spelling contest, and ... Read more

Aug 08

The snap of the magnet releasing its psychic grip, the brief peel of tacky rubber, the delighted squeak of the hinges, a rush of cold air, a waft of something green, the chemical tinge of a bad houmous, a row of eggs watches on. This is it baby, you’ve opened the fridge for a look. ... Read more

Aug 15

According to the big Regular Features egg-timer on the roof, it’s been exactly ten years since we invented podcasting. To celebrate, we’ve given ourselves a facelift. The unparalleled Sonny Ross has created new podcast art. The Patreon has an exciting new tier. And as for us? Well, we’re only speaking in Spanish from now on. ... Read more

Aug 22

https://soundcloud.com/regularfeatures/rf456 This week Gav’s been combing the Discord for #content – something which he swears he won’t be doing again. Meanwhile Log’s addresses a pretty nasty complaint we’ve had and Joe has been called up to jury duty or JOEry duty, if you will. Actually…no…it’s jury duty. Sorry. Our mistake. If you’d like to join ... Read more

Aug 29

https://soundcloud.com/regularfeatures/457-episode-one-redux The three original feature boys return for a very special reunion episode, never to be repeated, just like that time The Beatles went up on the roof and refused to come down until Linda McCartney invented frozen vegan sausages. Matt revisits his thoughts on Torchwood. Log treats us to a high-defintion re-release of some ... Read more

Sep 02

https://soundcloud.com/regularfeatures/458-richard-simmons-melancholy-watch Get this reader on the table, we need to operate NOW! Nurse, pass me a syringe full of Matt forgetting if he’s ever owned a watch. I’m going to make a two-inch incision and insert Joe griping about his comedy heroes being sad about death. WE’RE LOSING THEM. We’re going to have to do ... Read more

Sep 13

https://soundcloud.com/regularfeatures/459-what-if-john-grant-curry What if you dragged a big wet carrier bag full of lukewarm biryani to a concert? What if you had a nice time at a spa? What if you watched yet another Marvel TV show in the hope that maybe this one, THIS one, might be good? Only Regular Features can answer all three ... Read more

Sep 30

As people who absolutely freakin’ love magpies always say: one for joy, two for joy, three for joy, four for joy, five for joy, six for joy, seven for joy, eight for joy. Nine? Ah what the heck, that’s for joy that is. Ten is also for joy, why not. And eleven to boot! Twelve… ... Read more

Oct 07

As we have done every year for the last 9 years, Gav and Joe are sitting down for an extensive, exhaustive, extremely good talk through this year’s British Kebab Awards. Who will win chef of the year? Why is there no garlic/chilli award? Will Alfred Molina endorse us? All of this and more in a ... Read more

Oct 17

Giddy up, bucko, because it’s another episode of this freakin’ thing we do. In this one, Steve’s Discord account got hacked by spooks. Log is going to reclaim his rightful title of Lord-or-Lady of the Dance. And Joe debuts the latest instalment in the long running series of interactive sports experiences about squaaaangular momentum. What ... Read more

Oct 24

In this episode, Log goes hands-on with Superman’s newfound sexuality. Steve goes pants-off when his French horn lessons are interrupted by Scream himself. And Gav is open-mouthed as he brings us a thrilling update from the British Kebab Awards. Do you mind taking your shoes off when you’re listening to the podcast? We’ve just hoovered. ... Read more

Nov 06

Three men enter the arena. Three men leave. It’s fine in the arena. Nothing bad happens. One man has an ache in his shoulder, but he had that before he went into the arena. He thinks he may have slept on it. Good arena! HEY. In this episode, Log hypnotises a nurse into doing a ... Read more

Nov 14

Make no bones about it, it’s episode 466 of the Regular Features podcast. Hey, you in the back there with the bones, what are you making? A diorama of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Oh okay. You’re definitely not making bones about this episode are you? No? Oh yes, we see the little motorcade ... Read more

Nov 27

We’re sorry, but this is not the hotly anticipated kebab awards episode. That’s happening next week now. There was a small legal issue we had to iron out involving, well, a kebab, naturally, plus so much libel it would make a judge’s powder wig whizz out of the courtroom window and fly back to the ... Read more

Dec 02

A mere 5 weeks after the fact, it’s finally here – a comprehensive run-down of everything that Gav and Joe got up to at our favouite awards ceremony, The Kebabbies. Marvel as we almost get turned away, gasp at Gav’s reactions to those who don’t share his political leanings, and turn off in horror as ... Read more

Dec 08

If I had one guess, I’d guess you’re stuck in a pipe. Look at you, all stuck in that pipe. I bet you want some grease, don’t you? You little pipe rat! Little pipe rat want some grease. Well NO, no grease. Not until you’ve listened to Joe wonder about the etymology of Plemons. And ... Read more

Dec 25

Happy Crambleneir! In sihd shhue cramblrmhotj, Joem cmrma a visit vfrom “Secret Santana”. Gav hoesgojs anfs an incident with a DDP courier. Amd Steve, well, he gocrob a charades qjid quid quiz caled charades. Thank you for all your support this year. We legit love you readers, and we wish you all the best for ... Read more

Dec 31

Betty White is dead. We don’t talk about that in the podcast at all. I’m only putting this here cause it just happened and I was hoping that someone finds out she’s dead by reading this. Imagine that. Imagine your grandkids asking you “Grandma…do yous remembers hows yous founds outs Betty Whites wass deads?” and ... Read more