466: Playground Sultan Splinter Cell

Make no bones about it, it’s episode 466 of the Regular Features podcast. Hey, you in the back there with the bones, what are you making? A diorama of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand? Oh okay. You’re definitely not making bones about this episode are you? No? Oh yes, we see the little motorcade of femurs now, and it’s very clever how you’ve used a scapula to portray Gavrilo Princip. Wow, and this is your hobby is it? It’s fascinating. We’ve just got to write this podcast description, but we’d love to talk to you more about your bone thing later. Maybe over a drink haha. Oh you do this with your girlfriend do you? That’s cool, yeah yeah no that’s cool she can come too. Anyway.

Log unearths ancient Google Doc fan fiction. Matt is ambassador for playground slides. Steve blossoms into a fine young gentleman.

Let’s go!

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