444: Top 10 Dental Medicine

Hello and welcome to the description of the podcast. If you’ll take a look to your left, you’ll see that Log’s erected a top 10 of people in his pub – he says it’s not a feature but it’s got a backing track and everything. To your right, you’ll notice that Joe has sold his feature slot to the highest bidder, and what a bloody bidder it is. Up the stairs, Matt’s busy putting the final touches to his thoughts about dentists, so we’ll head to him last. And then after that, you’ll see that all the way down that hallway we’ve installed a massive hive to allow for some of the freshest bee names ever to shoot from our lips onto your hips. PRAY ENTER AND ENJOY.

Oh and if you’d like to listen to Jackacase’s ‘Improved Onion Fuck’ forever, here’s a nice long link to click: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=09cb1c5031d17efd&id=9CB1C5031D17EFD%21175724&authkey=!AEd98oBq7nNKyBk

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