91: Megagames For Haunted Children

Matt did something cool in real life and tells us about it like a big showoff, Gav has arsehole friends on Facebook so you don’t have to, and Log discovers that simply walking around can throw anywhere up to TWO behavioural dilemmas into your path

6 thoughts on “91: Megagames For Haunted Children”

  1. Just an opinion I’d like to share with y’all, I think it would greatly improve the podcast if you implemented my groundbreaking idea, this idea is free to change to your preference. So the general concept is that you (or me) set up some form of poll, every week everyone who watches is encouraged to vote for…
    a) The funniest podcast member that week,
    b) The person with the best feature,
    c) A rating out of 100.
    This could be done in multiple ways, firstly I know of many websites that you can set up a poll, this is probably the easiest option but not personal/customiziable enough or you could simply use twitter, you could, for example use these four hashtags, #LeesLads, #BlythesBoys, #HogartysHerd and #GavinsGang/Guys/Gaggle, you can also change these if you wish. The person with the highest number of likes/re-tweets each week wins, then for the consecutive week they are declared as their corresponding win e.g Best Feature’er or Best Joker, each person could have a different name for their winning week name, e.g Gavin instead of declaring himself Best Joker he could call himself Best Banter or something silly.
    Anyway just thought I’d run that little thought of mine through your heads, I think if this was actually put to action it would greatly increase your audience because it will spread like wildfire through twitter and you will soon be FAMOOUUS. Although I like the tightly knit community we have, having a larger one is preferable, obviously this wont happen overnight and I know it might take an hour of your time but sleep on it.


  2. You are each entitled to one vote each however readers are allowed two if they believe more than one person deserves it, as stated in the previous commented everything has been done for you and 4 results have already been received (Gavin is currently most amusing and Log has the best feature). Make sure to mention it at the end of the video and spam links to it wherever you can, thanks! It goes without saying that this isn’t compulsory but because I have done most of the legwork I see no reason not to follow through with it. Reply as soon as you want (I know Log is the one who is good with checking the website etc but now he is leaving I don’t know who is taking his place and if there is no one to do so then I have a decent knowledge of websites and would be happy to fill in as some form of website moderator or administrator? just and idea)

    anyway, bye.


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