89: Trans-Atlantic Icelandic Antics

With Gav and Steve shipping out to Iceland for a week of crazy horse adventures, the podcast team is torn asunder and the regularity of the now-reliably-weekly Regular Features falls into mild jeopardy. Can one hundred thousand kilometres of ocean or whatever it is stop us from bringing you the LATEST thing of the thing that we do? No! In a podcasting FIRST, we present the only podcast ever to have been recorded in two different places and then stuck together in our preferred audio editing suite. Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “89: Trans-Atlantic Icelandic Antics”

  1. Hey guys, just thought I’d ask where is the next live podcast! The problem is that as much as I would love to visit your live podcast I live in a land far far away (Yorkshire). Anyway what I’m asking is, will the next podcast be in Nottingham? If so will it be in Jon’s soon-to-be pub. It will be approximately 77 days until episode 100! (If you are consistent with the ol’ podcasts then it shant be long until out paths meet!) pls relpy and stuff.

    Yours Faithfully, Geoffrey Anderson.

    • Dear Geoffrey/Roger,

      We’re planning a live podcast vaguely for the 21st June. It’ll be my last weekend in London for a bit. The one after that will probably be in my pub, but we haven’t even BEGUN to think about that, yet

      • OOOOO MY GAAAAWWD, you actually replied! OMG I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOG, cool. thanks for telling me, I CANT BELIEVE IT, sorry didn’t notice this comment earlier so I kinds just posted another one? You don’t have to read it but you know, just to let you know London is kind of a no-go drive time dealio but next live podcast would be pretty cool (if we ever reach that far) I hope nothing but happyness and all dat good stuff.
        Hopefully next time :/

        Geoffrey. (P.S this is da best day of my life)

  2. Dear Mathew, Gavin, Jonathan, Steven,

    If I end up going, expect a small treat, however long it will be, I cant wait to meet, I will be walk in there (using my feet), the road outside, will be made out of reinforced concrete? I could possibly ride there, on my bicycle seat, the only problem is by episode 100, the pub might not be complete, that’s what i wondered, I would like a badge, oh wait nothing rhymes with badge…….never mind, sorry for any confusion caused,

    Geoffrey Anderson.

  3. Oops re-reading my comments (waiting for a reply *COUGH*) I notice multiple grammatical errors, firstly I said
    “I will be walk in there”, I also spot that I used lower case “i’s” multiple times, although software such as “WordPress” doesn’t pick up on such mistakes (because it is and inferior piece of computer programming) it is seen as a grammatical error (in real life). Just thought I’d let you know you are culprits of any errors in any comment I post here, mainly because I “comment-on-the-go” (comment while listening, or should I say reading) and as amusing things are said (mainly by Gavin, because hes the best) I am suddenly incapable of forming words. Anyway I think I was under the influence of some form of mind altering chemical or substance during previous posts, what I was attempting to type was even though the (possible) next live podcast will be in an estimate of 77 days (or 2.52983 in months, or 0.210819 in years) I was wondering, if you have planned ahead for the next live podcast and its whereabouts, if you haven’t I would highly recommend hosting the podcast in Nottingham, its only a reasonable 1 hour and 31 minute drive from my front door to the center of Nottingham (that is accounting for traffic and roadworks) and Jon’s pud would be ideal, I am sure you will have at least 2 actual readers attend but random strangers can be casually invited for the “LOL’s” (I hate to use such childish language), even so hope to see you soon please reply or post updates on Twitter when it comes to it. E-mail if u want btw. I’m also going to make badges for each of you for the live podcast if I can be bothered.

    BYEEEEEE, Geoffrey (that weird guy who always posts stuff and pretended to be Roger Helmer)


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