562: How Three Became Two

“Stop, Children, what’s that sound?”

Let me stop you right there, Buffalo Springfield, because I think I know the answer to this one. “That sound” is Episode 562 of Regular Features. And you know what? It very nearly wasn’t. This is an unusual episode, in that it survived the total post-recording elimination of one participant, “Log”, thanks entirely to “Log”.

This is the Little Podcast That Survived. It is a perfectly lovely Frankenstein of an episode. If you were a Lady Frankenstein, I reckon it’d be right up your street.

If you *are* a Lady Frankenstein, and you want me to put you in touch, please send an SAE marked “I promise not to scream when Episode 562 calls me FRIEND, sending it into a suicidal rage” to

PO Box 562
Ashby De La Zouch

Thanks for being you. (Unless you’re awful)

Features Scheming Weasel by Kevin McLeod off of Incompetech.com

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