550: A Groom With A View To A Kill A Mockingbird

This is a public service announcement. Thousands of horses die needlessly giddy every year. That’s why you should always tell your horse to “giddy down” after it’s done giddying up. Around the world today, countless horses are locked in a heightened state of giddy, having been recklessly told to “giddy up” by their enthusiastic riders, but never having had the counteractive phrase “giddy down” lovingly whispered into their giddy big ears back at the stable at bedtime. In some of the most extreme cases, actually, we’ve seen dead horses who’ve been 10x or 20x giddied by careless riders, their horpse corpses still audibly teeheeing from the residual gid. And their owners? Nowhere to be seen, unbelievably. But you can be change all that.

In this episode, Log becomes a groomsman and Steve does a feature!

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