549: Ronnie’s Floridian Locker Disaster

Oh, don’t go into that cupboard. Don’t you dare open *that* cupboard. You won’t like what we keep in *that* one. Oh no, no, no. That’s where we keep the features. You oughtn’t spill any of those. What if you got Joe’s impression of Ronnie O’Sullivan all down the lino? What if you drank a bit of Gav’s journeys with a confusing taxi driver? And what if Log got out? He might tell you about a horrible time in a gym!

Oh goodness no, close that cupboard now and don’t think about it for a second longer. Have a plum. That’ll calm you down.

Locker image: “open 19”, by Rupert Ganzer, licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED

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