521: Someone Left The Cake Out With Bourdain

When you wish upon a star, does it come true? It hasn’t for me, so far. I’m only asking to test the “makes no difference who you are” hypothesis. I mean it’d be a *bit* annoying if we’ve all been sucked in by an international wish-granting scam. But it’d be absolutely galling if I was the only sap diligently facing his wish mat towards Orlando and NOT getting his fondest wish granted. (My fondest wish, in case you were wondering, is to see a punk help an old lady cross the road in Piccadilly Circus, like they used to in the ’80s.). If you HAVE had a wish granted on a star, the Kilroy team would like to talk to you.

In this two-boy lesstravaganza, Steve has had his nail bit to shreds by a friend’s dog, and Log has noticed a very old song leaves uses frustratingly vague language with regards to the villain of the piece: to wit, who left that cakey boy all out in the wet wets? It’s his hackiest bit yet! (I’m allowed to say that, I am him)

Meanwhile, If you want to read a blog written by a Christian in 2010 that posed precisely the same question as Log, but without using the phrase “f**k the mush with your winkle”, check out “Nagging Questions: MacArthur Park” on the AnotherThink blog. NO I WON’T LINK IT

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