518: The Blue Tick Game Pitch

Hello, this is your phone speaking. I just wanted to say that it’s real nice and cosy inside your pocket. I bet you thought I’d say it stinks of coins and thighs, but that’s just your inner critic trying to trip you up again. You’re your own worst enemy, when you gotta be your own biggest cheerleader, cos there aint anyone else around here who’s gonna do it, except for maybe your housekeys.

Hello this is your housekeys. Gimme a Y. Gimme a O. Gimme a U. That’s spells YOU. As in YOU are amazing. Thanks for putting me in your pocket with your phone. I’m going to ruin the GorillaGlass while I think about how brilliant you are.

In this episode, Log is a professional videogames voice actor now. Gav is offered a genuine-y boda-fide-y Blue Tick. And Steve has a coincidence happen on him.

Get ready!

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