495: The Catfisher Becomes The Catfished

Imagine YOU were the Hotstepper. How would YOU like it if you heard everyone saying “Here come the Hotstepper” every single time they saw you?

“Look busy,” whispers Daniel in Accounts Payable, shuffling urgently past HR with a folder clutched to his chest. “I just saw the Hotstepper getting out of the lift.” You might be London’s fanciest Hotstepper by night, but by day you’re Martin Pickering, area manager for Bridlington Diagnostics. And you just want to DO YOUR JOB

In this TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY PLAGUED EPISODE, Gav gets his likeness used and abused and it lands a little too close to home for comfort, and Log has news for you about Castles, Wasps, and Printers.

With thanks to absolute unit MIke Orvis for The Bee-Witcher Jingle

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