487: Dunst’s Dizzee Flippin’ Rant


Well aren’t you just knee high to a horse, you lovely little thing. Let me give your hair a ruffle, oh you’re ever so cu- YOU JUST BIT ME. Why did you bite me? I just came along to tell you what’s in this week’s episode of Regular Features and now I shall have to get a shot for some kind of muddy disease. Serves me right for trying to be nice. Well here’s the low-down I SUPPOSE:

Matt has had a crazy weekend fistbumping rappers and trying not to be bullied by children. Steve has his hands on a precious audio tape of some dirty words from a beloved childhood figure. Log invites his friend Kirsten Dunst along to show us her nine different accents. Joe is angry at an older man again, this time for believing in himself.

Look! I’m bleeding! That was very rude of you.

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