386: Hendry’s Sewer Folktales

Retrospective note from Hellworld 2021: In this episode, Joe is almost certainly describing a symptom of COVID-19. It’s just that “loss of smell and taste” was just the rumour of an anecdotal symptom back then. What a playful, oblivious hotbox this episode turned out to be!

“Doctor! Doctor! They’re finally waking up!”

“Who is, nurse Hurdy-Gurda?”

“The readers!”

“Jesus Christ, I can’t believe it! After all these years?”

“It would seem so. What should we tell them?”

“Get out of my way, nurse. Readers, you’ve been asleep for… well, a very long time. We’ve got flying horses these days, and phones are obsolete because we’ve all got antennae. Thankfully, one thing remains static: Regular Features, and this week Log, Steve and Joe are all talking about inuits, and noses and diseases and everything. Now for god’s sake put some clothes on, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

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