157: Live at the Canal Cafe Theatre – September 2015

You can also watch a video of this if you want to see us creaming all over each other’s hot bodies. Except for Matt, who merely enjoys the spectacle and takes meticulous notes for his written-word wank-bank

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  1. Gav’s story on the south wales police reminded me of a time two friends and I ‘broke’ into a police station to make a Brew.

    A month or so before the event my phone was stolen, whilst with my friend, Ollie. I phoned the police and we got in a car, drove around the town and found the guy, it had turned out he’d been stealing phones all over the place an old lady some person with a dog probably. anyway we went back to the local station (which was empty apart from us and the officer) to make a statement on how the guy stole my phone.

    A few months later on a walk back from the pub to a friends house to continue the festivities I was with Ollie and my friend Johnny (he worked at TNT, remember this) Ollie chirped out drunkenly saying he remembered the code to the door round the back of the police station. I said it’d be a good Idea to go in and make a coffee as I was rather parched and thought it’d be a nice anecdote to boot.

    They both protested, saying it was too risky, so I appealed to their gambling side “bet you a fiver they have police mugs” this didn’t sway them, until the next week when we were walking the same route to the same house, yet with far more alcohol coursing through our veins.

    Ollie entered the code, Johnny was on lookout. WE GOT IN.
    no coffee, one normal tea bag and a bunch of fruit tea, my joy sank at this moment. but I muscled up and grabbed a mug from the rack, a POLICE MUG. ‘problem solvers 2008’ was written on it. only one of these mugs existed but one was enough for me to win the bet. whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I went for a wander and found a draw with a police radio in it, no battery but still, yet another souvenir. this high stakes escapade got me peckish so I looked in their fridge, which contained one naan bread (no milk for the brews)

    wait a second Sam, why did we have to remember Johnny worked at TNT? well.

    I had given the radio to johnny as he thought he could buy a battery for it and monitor police chatter ( which could be entertaining) about a year later Johnny was moving house, his landlord went to check his room in the houseshare to find a printed PDF of the Anarchist cookbook and a bag of fertiliser. Johnny was arrested for acts of terrorism and his new house was searched which unearthed that police radio I had given him.

    Johnny wasn’t making bombs with intent to harm anyone, he liked the military and survival stuff. so… he just liked explosions. as far as I know.


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