129: The Big Gay Experiment

With Log and Steve left to their own devices, what will happen in this – the first 100% gay episode of Regular Features? Will there be gay goings on? Will gay things occur? Will a gay bird fly into the room and make gay cawing sounds on the radiator? ANYTHING GAY COULD HAPPEN AND YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT.

Here, have some credits:
Music by Kevin McLeod, all available at incompetech.com
Sound effects from freesound.org

1 thought on “129: The Big Gay Experiment”

  1. Hi guys,
    A short and probably a bit dark story from my life as of just now.

    I’ve been listening to the regular features for the last few weeks, from the very first episode.
    Not related to this, I’m also going through a fairly bad depression. As I was lying on a bed and thinking of suicide, I put a couple of fingers into my mouth just to imagine how gun might feel like.
    At this point the cumulative experience of 86 episodes of RF kicked in and the gun in my mouth was replaced with a warm feeling of imaginary penis.
    So there’s that. Thanks, I guess.


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