351: Dermot O’Gravy

There’s just no getting away from it, we’ve done another episode of a podcast and we’re not going to apologise. I’m sorry but that’s just how it is. Wait, that’s a Simpsons joke, I swear I thought of it independently.

In this one, Log gets tiny in a big boat of gravy, Steve reveals his beauty tips and cosmetics secrets, and Matt invites us right into the bod-zone.

350: Auf Bee-dersehen Tom

Good day madam. In this episode of the Regular Features podcast, Gavin uncovers the sordid undercurrent of homophobia and bigotry in the Auf Wiedersehen Pet fan community, Joe reintroduces us to our old buddy MySpace Tom, who has an update about his house, and Steve has a flight (of the bumblebee) of fancy, as he whispers secrets into a hive.

Take it or leave it, but please, take it. We don’t want it any more.

346: Fridge Raiding Sky Penis

She packed my bags last night, pre-flight. Zero hour, nine AM. And I think I’ll be high-igh-igh, as a kite by then.

That’s a little poem I just made up about the latest episode of Regular Features, because Joe has a feature about a sky penis (high as a kite), Steve has a feature about haunted pins (nine AM, a scary time of day), and Log has a feature about Fridge Raiders (pack your bags full of them if you’re going out)

344: Rondy Crime Safe

Oh it’s you. Hey! This week Joe is doing the opposite of safe cracking. Steve is doing the opposite of giving his bike to a policeman. And Log is doing the opposite of satirising an actual living person who has legal recourse to lawsuit our sweet little puckered patoots. It’s opposite time! Please don’t support us on Patreon!

342: Features 4 Justice

Stop or we’ll shoot! Shoot a hot load of podcast bullets into your willing face, that is, because this week’s episode is all about justice. Justice for Steve and his busted up mouth. Justice for Log’s new film noir detective stories. And justice for Joe, who couldn’t do a feature because the actual police said they’d arrest him if he tried.