401: The Bad Fairy Liquid Baby Is Teleporting the Grease into my Stomach

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So I guess we’re doing another hundred of these things? Alright then. Easy. Doesn’t even bother us. Gav digs up feature dregs from the bottom of the ideas barrel and dusts them off, good as new. Steve is being haunted by a horrible adult baby who lives under the sink. And Log prepares his pub for a socially distanced reopening.

We hope you enjoyed the last 400 episodes half as much as you’re going to enjoy the next 400. Thanks for all the support. We love you x

400: The Lockdown Live Extravanganza

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We did what no other podcast has the balls to do – a livestream live show!
We’re sad we couldn’t celebrate in a pub with you guys but hopefully this is the next best thing.

Because this is a live show, please excuse the odd audio glitch. Despite doing 400 episodes of this and inventing podcasting as a medium, we’re still very much finding our feet when it comes to actually recording audio.

BONUS: 4 Boyz No Featurez

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We tried to record an episode of Regular Features but forgot the most important ingredient – FEATURES!

It’s not suitable for public consumption and should only be listened to by our favourite people in the world so keep this under your fuckin’ hats, alright?

398: Juicy Susan’s Big Bruisin’ Hoochie Mama Singalong

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Live show! 8pm BST, June 13th on our YouTube channel.

We weren’t here for you last week, so have a luxurious king size episode on us. Lay down on it baby, roll around, grind your muddy shoes into the sheets and just soak it all up at your own pace. 58 minutes, hoo-whee, that’s long enough to make whoever edited it wonder if they left a big chunk of something in there that they shouldn’t have.

Gav’s mam’s got WhatsApp quibbles, Steve’s left glute’s got muscle troubles, and Joe’s ears have got podcast bubbles. It’s Regular Features, ahaaaa. Kept you waiting, huh?

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://ift.tt/3cCbBzw
License: https://ift.tt/1iwynXF

397: Snooker Loopy

Pot the reds then screw back for a brand new episode of the hippest podcast on the baize. It’s Regular Features, you filthy little pocket botherers, and this week we’ve gone simply loopers for the ol’ spoopers. The snockets, the cue stew, the hot pink smackers. It’s SNOOKER baby, and that’s all she wrote.

Log’s got a side-gig writing for right-wing journals. Joe is doing the snooker thing I just mentioned. And Steve’s been watching too much RuPaul to do anything else of note.

396: Stephen Hendry’s Birthday Turnips

Don’t you just hate it when you get a duff Kinder Egg and the capsule is just full of matted old hair? Sure, you could try to prop the wiry tuft up next to your completed collection of Tiny Terrapins and pretend that all is well, but it just doesn’t fit in, and to be frank, it stinks of petrol.

Anyway. In this episode, Log recalls the times he met Joe, Steve recalls the time Stephen Hendry was trapped inside his own panic room, and Matt goes nips deep in the stalk market. Hell’s bells, let’s do this.

395: Horns ‘n’ Hooves

Here’s a nice little edible arrangement for you. BITE into Log’s feature about competitive horniness. SUCKLE on Joe’s story of an elk in a department store. NIBBLE on Steve’s heart-wrenching tale of horseloss. Then give us your biggest smile, because you’re on camera baby.

We’re watchin ya!

394: The Baby Is Always Bigger On The Other Side

You know how you can revive a sleepy bee with a tiny teaspoon of sugar water? That works on us too.

In fact, why don’t you come round when this is all over and pipette some of that sweet shug-shug into our glug-glugs to give us the pep we need to get going in the morning? You have our express permission to appear by our bedside before dawn and intubate us with the holy syrup our bodies demand. It’s what friends do.

In this episode, Steve defrauds Catchphrase and Gav has clapped eyes on a big baby. Things may never return to the way they were.

Love you.

393: Rainbow Boy Workout

It’s more important than ever to keep your mind and body in tip top shape, so this week we bring you the full spectrum of mental and physical stimulation. Log titillates your retinals with his rainbow reviews, Joe speculates your imaginationoids with the peculiar views from his kitchen window, and Steve supplicates your glutinates with his intensive home workout routine.

Thanks for everything.