1: The Inauguration

You know how cute it was when Bambi learned how to walk? And she, or he, or whatever the fuck Bambi was, just kept falling over? Take it from us: it was adorable. Now, imagine how charming that scene would be as an audio download. Just listening to the sound of a panicked deer slumping and sliding around your bedroom.

We’re on episode 300-odd at the time of writing, and people still talk in hushed tones about Steve’s “Volcano or Paedophile?” features. And Log’s Doctor Who universe fanfics went on to be a regrettable “thing” for hundreds of episodes to come. 

It simply doesn’t get spicier than this. If this were a meatball, an impartial observer would feel compelled to say “that’s a spice-a-de podcast”, and other people would have to say “what are you talking about? It’s a meatball. Stop listening to it.” But it’s not a meatball, really. It’s a podcast.