191: The Log Special Because We Couldn’t Do One Because His Nan Had Died

In fact, it was Matt having a dicky tummy that put the kaibosh on this episode. He was worried about “shitting himself” on the tube. Still, you’re hardly likely to complain when there’s a dead old lady involved, are you? Poor old lady, all dead like that. The last days, lying curled in bed, her gums no longer firm enough to support her dentures, an agonised skull with only enough connection to the world to be able to whimper “oh, I’ve had enough”. But even with that haunting memory sluicing around in me, I know what the real tragedy is here.

Matt isn’t willing to shit himself for the sake of a feature. Scum.

117: Lazy Compilation Special 2

Sad news folks. Owing to an unavoidable technical glitch that made us all sound like dirty robots we’ve had to humanely destroy the *real* episode 117, so instead here’s a collection of classic features from the archives.

From episode 36, Gav’s story about a slurry pervert.
From episode 45, Steve and Log’s time travelling jokes.
From episode 8, Matt’s story about an island of Richards.