393: Rainbow Boy Workout

It’s more important than ever to keep your mind and body in tip top shape, so this week we bring you the full spectrum of mental and physical stimulation. Log titillates your retinals with his rainbow reviews, Joe speculates your imaginationoids with the peculiar views from his kitchen window, and Steve supplicates your glutinates with his intensive home workout routine.

Thanks for everything.

392: Blue Tick Bingo 5G Zoom Scam

Log runs us through his Zoom meeting bingo card, Steve is torn to shreds by the irradiating power of 5G masts, and Gav concludes the saga of his encounter with a blue tick scammer.

This one gets *messy* towards the end, and for that we apologise, but all this social distancing malarkey makes us thirsty for friendship and vodka. Take us as we are, and never try to change us.

391: Verified Tiger King

No need to pack your tiger for this one, because this episode’s got loads of them just lying around for free. Tigers in the rafters. Tigers in the floorboards. Tigers in the void between the walls. An entire tiger compressed into a bread bin who smiles at you when you open it in search of, well, it’s gotta be tiger bread.

It’s tiger mania here in episode 391 the Regular Features podcast, PLUS a Gav feature about an Instagram scam gone very right.

390: Animal Crossing Tips & Tricks

Hello again, it’s us, dem boys with dem fancy teeth who keep comin round to fill up your brain with our special noises. In this episode, Log has tips and tricks for pivoting to pizza delivery, Steve has tips and tricks for when it is appropriate to be in the outside, and Joe has tips and tricks for the new video game about the horrible animals.

Stay safe and wet those hands.

389: Moustache Rationing

Due to a bad smell going around we’re all locked indoors, so this week we bring you the first ever episode of Regular Features recorded using telephones and HTTP. If anyone ever called a bellend a “ham bell”, then at this point I would write “we put the ham bell back into Alexander Graham Bell,” but nobody calls it that so I won’t.

Gav has all the latest rationing hysteria from Facebook, Joe’s top lip has gotten all hirsute and nice, and Steve delivers his top tips fer werkin ferm herm. Stay safe everyone.

387: The Lambshank Reduction

You’ve got a lot of nerve showing your face around here after what you did last week, buster. But since you’re here we might as well snuggle into your earholes, on account of how warm it in inside your head.

In this episode, Gav puts the doof in Dufresne, Steve gives proper hand washing instructions, and Joe attends heroically.

386: Hendry’s Sewer Folktales

“Doctor! Doctor! They’re finally waking up!”

“Who is, nurse Hurdy-Gurda?”

“The readers!”

“Jesus Christ, I can’t believe it! After all these years?”

“It would seem so. What should we tell them?”

“Get out of my way, nurse. Readers, you’ve been asleep for… well, a very long time. We’ve got flying horses these days, and phones are obsolete because we’ve all got antennae. Thankfully, one thing remains static: Regular Features, and this week Log, Steve and Joe are all talking about inuits, and noses and diseases and everything. Now for god’s sake put some clothes on, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

385: Tales From Every Altitude

Another insurmountable crisis has left our boys unable to meet – but THAT won’t stop us! Let Steve take you on a super soaraway adventure in the highest place there is – space itself. Joe’s feature brings us crashing back to earth, and Log’s feature burrows as deep as humans have ever been – a wet cave. And it’s all glued together with the highly sought-after voice talent of the sexiest man alive. Come, you spirits, that tend on mortal thoughts! Unsex me here, lest I blow my load on public transport

Features this bit of music from the pervasively

384: Sonic Storm

Steve has gone to see the Sonic movie, and Log has noticed that it was a bit blowy recently. What more do you want? Oh, you want a song and dance do you? You want bells and whistles? You want me on all fours, with a bell around my neck and a whistle jammed into my ass. What I’m getting from this entire conversation is that you want my flatulence to agitate a pea. Well it’s not going to happen