398: Juicy Susan’s Big Bruisin’ Hoochie Mama Singalong

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Live show! 8pm BST, June 13th on our YouTube channel.

We weren’t here for you last week, so have a luxurious king size episode on us. Lay down on it baby, roll around, grind your muddy shoes into the sheets and just soak it all up at your own pace. 58 minutes, hoo-whee, that’s long enough to make whoever edited it wonder if they left a big chunk of something in there that they shouldn’t have.

Gav’s mam’s got WhatsApp quibbles, Steve’s left glute’s got muscle troubles, and Joe’s ears have got podcast bubbles. It’s Regular Features, ahaaaa. Kept you waiting, huh?

Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
Link: https://ift.tt/3cCbBzw
License: https://ift.tt/1iwynXF

397: Snooker Loopy

Pot the reds then screw back for a brand new episode of the hippest podcast on the baize. It’s Regular Features, you filthy little pocket botherers, and this week we’ve gone simply loopers for the ol’ spoopers. The snockets, the cue stew, the hot pink smackers. It’s SNOOKER baby, and that’s all she wrote.

Log’s got a side-gig writing for right-wing journals. Joe is doing the snooker thing I just mentioned. And Steve’s been watching too much RuPaul to do anything else of note.

358: Sweatshirts, Wet Shoes, and Driving Gloves

If you think this episode sounds a bit “garment-heavy”, you’ll be glad to hear that I snipped out two minutes of utterly jokeless sock chat. Something for Patreons, I reckon. This week, Matt enters the metaphysical world of sweat, Steve asks “did I do a Gavin” regarding a man’s shoe, and Log takes you on a ride around in his Alfa Romeo. Buckle up parp parp skreeeee

355: New Lees Who Dis

There was an accident at the lab and now there are two Leeses on the pod. Where does one end and the other begin? Which is the evil one that I need to shoot? And which is Log more sexually attracted to? Find out all this and possibly less in this week’s thrilling episode of Regulam Featup!!!!

353: Good Boys Go Spicy

In this bumper bonus edition, Steve produces the go-to to-do list for go-getters who gone and got a new home, Joe introduces us to the man behind the elemental gun that is super-effective on men who are standing in puddles, and Gav decides to use his powers for good, in a feature that shows that there’s hope for everyone. Also Log provides remote solo content. Or does he? Yes. But when? At the end. OK! Thanks.