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One of our most loyal and quite frankly lovely readers is called Tory. She’s a Patreon, a customer in my pub, and a colossal fan of birds. In the past, she’s been inspired by Steve’s feature about the worst Popes, one of which was a bad bird pope. This feature tickled Tory’s foof so pink she whipped out a chisel and made a real life woodcut of Steve’s Bad Papal Winged Dingus. 

So when I did a feature in Episode 417 called The Haunting of Blyth Manor, you can imagine Tory’s delight when the Manor was not, in fact, haunted by boring dead humans, but was in fact full of many alive birds, and committed to recreating the Manor House, and every fuckin’ bird I mentioned. From the ostrich that answered the door to the woodpecker who provided the beats, Tory created a woodcut work of art, that’s not only great, it’s big. So if you want a limited edition A2 woodcut print of Blyth Manor, emblazoned with the mottos of my family: “If Beaks Could Shush” and “I thought ghosts were supposed to be dead humans and not alive birds”, you can now buy one for A THOUSAND POUNDS. No wait OK it’s thirty quid. Tory did this as a genuinely kind fundraiser for my pub – so you’d not only be owning a bit of Regular Features history, you’d be helping me out, the King BIlly. By the way, did you know I ran a pub? I don’t like to talk about it 

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