Gav Will Slag You Off Behind Your Back


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Hi, I’m Gav. I’m your best pal. Your bud. You can always count on me to have your back.

And by “have”, I mean “plunge a sword into it the second its turned”. I do it all the time, especially in episode 425, to Log, and now I can do it to you, for just thirty quid!

That’s right. For just three-zero smackers I will wait until you’ve left the room and slag you off so hard it’ll make you cry while you’re driving to Sainsbury’s.

For an extra five thousand pounds you can listen at the door while I slag you off, then come storming back in. And you can enjoy the absolute burning outrage when you see my face light up as I effortlessly pretend to like you again.

So that’s just five thousand and thirty quid for the full Gav Murphy experience of treachery and lies.

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Slag You Off Behind Your Back, Slag You Off While You Listen Then Immediately Pretend To Like You Again


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