Chloe The Awful Baby

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Chloe! You first met her in Episode 69, Irregular Creatures, where she descended from the sky on a noose. Since then, she’s lost a lot of foam and is looking increasingly untenable as a coherent object. And she’s YOURS for a thousan pud!

No need for those towels! Water will activate the filth that has been accumulating her foam guts for over two decades. If she gets wet, toweling her dry will be the least of your worries.

Can you find the one angle from which Chloe’s face doesn’t look utterly repugnant? I sure as hell can’t, or you can be sure I’d have put it on this page to make her less of an obnoxious offering.

Look at that trash baby acting like butter wouldn’t melt. What an absolute disgrace.

And so to bed. Good night, Chloe. Please leave me soon.

1 review for Chloe The Awful Baby

  1. Oliver Brummel

    High quality doll. The doll and her outfits are super cute. I love the fun colors on her dress and her shiny shoes. It’s a great little doll.

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