Log’s Pony Tail That’s Been In A Drawer Since 1997


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OK, so you’re up to speed with the story that Log got his very long hair cut off in 1996, right? And that he took it home to show his mum, and she’s had it in a drawer ever since? Well this is what happens when you ask his mum for a picture.

Thanks mum, great levels on that. And the backdrop of it sliding off the edge of your Chromebook, that you use to allow notifications from every website you visit. That’s really visually effective. Can I have another, please?

Mum can you just wipe the lens of your camera with something that isn’t your oily finger? No I’m not saying you’ve got greasy hands! All humans have got grease on their skin, it’s not an insult!

And no, it doesn’t sound weird that I say human, like I’m not one. Can I just have another photo please?

Well yes that’s sweet, but it’s just you enjoying yourself now, isn’t it?

So help me God if it wasn’t full-on lockdown I’d come over there

Alright I need to check something here

So yeah, just bear in mind if you buy this you’re going to have to rip it out of my mum’s mouth


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