397: Snooker Loopy

Pot the reds then screw back for a brand new episode of the hippest podcast on the baize. It’s Regular Features, you filthy little pocket botherers, and this week we’ve gone simply loopers for the ol’ spoopers. The snockets, the cue stew, the hot pink smackers. It’s SNOOKER baby, and that’s all she wrote.

Log’s got a side-gig writing for right-wing journals. Joe is doing the snooker thing I just mentioned. And Steve’s been watching too much RuPaul to do anything else of note.

396: Stephen Hendry’s Birthday Turnips

Don’t you just hate it when you get a duff Kinder Egg and the capsule is just full of matted old hair? Sure, you could try to prop the wiry tuft up next to your completed collection of Tiny Terrapins and pretend that all is well, but it just doesn’t fit in, and to be frank, it stinks of petrol.

Anyway. In this episode, Log recalls the times he met Joe, Steve recalls the time Stephen Hendry was trapped inside his own panic room, and Matt goes nips deep in the stalk market. Hell’s bells, let’s do this.