423: Industrial Parcel Theft

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Gav takes matters into his own hands to catch a local parcel thief. Steve invites you into the vice-addled underworld of investment banking. And Log reports live from a tide of puppies.

NOTES: Steve incorrectly states that Lena Dunham wrote Industry. While Dunham directed the first episode, the show is in fact created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay. How embarrassing for Steve.

420: Claim Your Free Yacht Bird

This episode entitles you to one free yacht, redeemable at your nearest marina. Log will tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of your new boat. Then Joe will unravel his own misapprehensions about what a bird is descended from. Then we’ll break for lunch, have a think about what we’ve all done, and come back for more juice.

Love you!

419: Should’ve Gone To Dream Pterodactyl

Do you ever get that thing where you’re just about to fall asleep and you suddenly feel yourself falling and you jerk yourself awake again? That’s us, giving you a little goodnight kiss. Sorry, we just can’t help ourselves!

In this episode, Log dreams up an entire Steve feature. Steve is sick and tired of Specsavers sending him letters about his untested eyeballs. And Gav is a reassuring presence keeping everything from falling to pieces.

417: Haunted Space Treasure

We’re back to basics, stripped down, nude and unplugged. Log takes us to a haunted manor. Steve searches the cosmos for treasures untold, and Gav spends the night in a spooky, nay-spook-tastic, cottage. That’s right, it’s Regular Features doing what it does best: premature, mid-October ghost whimsy. Enjoy!

416: Pubwatch Wizard Squash

Let us whet your ears with our special ear-whetting words. Are they whet yet? Then let’s begin, baby.

In this episode, Steve is chased around his place of work by a mean wizard. Joe invites us on a squash flavoured adventure of pickleball proportions. And Log reports back from yet another informative and helpful pubwatch session that’s not an absolute waste of his time.

415: Akon City Trump Rap

In this episode of the Regular Features podcast, Joe investigates Akon’s ambitious city building side gig, Steve waxes poetic about Trump’s havin’ honked up a hot guff of rona, and Gav uncovers the hidden meaning behind the song titles of some of your most revered rap megastars. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes.