377: Festive Wanderings

We’re in between Christmas and New Year’s, in that curious period of time that lately has come to be known as St. Goochmas Week. Gav is walking Coco and talking loco, Steve is plane, train and automobiling himself entirely inside a National Express coach, and Joe reintroduces us to a very special Secret Santana. Happy Christmas, readers.

376: Karnspiracy Theories

Hope you’ve got some paper towels ready, because it’s time for another Regular Features, the wettest and heaviest podcast in town. This week, Joe and Gav investigate the wild world of minor celebrities openly debasing themselves for small amounts of money. And that is frankly all that’s worth mentioning about this episode.

374: Ebeneezer Great

It’s shocking. It’s frightening. But you can’t look away. You cannot take your eyes off it. It is episode 374 of the Regular Features podcast.

Joe has discovered the only thing in this world that can bring unity to the British public, Log dips into his bottomless well of altruism, and Steve lets you in on the secrets to buying the perfect Christmas tree.

Let’s go, madame, you’ve heard enough.